Farty Funk - Sage



Farty have their funk on - the brightly-coloured upper accents and contrasting flecked sole bring the funk.

The classic Farty styling provides a stitched, sewn-over seam with an ultra-relaxed wide look.

The Superlight sole and ultra-relaxed wide fit guarantees that this will be the most comfortable shoe you will ever wear.

Features include a leather-lined, removable memory foam insole, allowing it to be worn barefoot without attracting bacteria that leads to odour.

The insole can be wiped clean and the shoe put into a cold machine wash.

Elastic panels in the heel allow it to sit flat, converting the shoe into a kick-on, easy wear mule.

Material: Textile

Sole unit: Original Superlight

Weight: 160grms


  • Ultra-relaxed wide fit
  • Machine washable (remove insole before washing)
  • Anatomical footbed
  • Mule convertible

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